The Wasted West

What Happens in Logan, Stays in Logan

A letter from Hera Sumi to her mentor, Hal Morgan

I almost joined the Mists this week, Hal. I would’ve, too, if it hadn’t been for the quick work of Phee. I’ve told you about Phee, right? The junker with all the little nanobots? She’s a bit creepy, sure, and maybe a little crazy, but we’ve seen worse, you and I. And who isn’t a little crazy nowadays? Anyways, I let my guard down for just a few minutes, just to pick through some debris in Logan trying to find something useful. I know, I know, you’ve probably heard the stories about how it’s been since the Harvest, heck, maybe you’ve even heard that there were some Librarians there. It seemed abandoned, and it’s been so long. But one minute I was standing there, and the next I was on the ground, dying. Anyways, I’m better now! And I’ve learned my lesson, promise. Extra vigilant, always, from now on.

As a reward for all our troubles trekking out to Logan and back, we now have Junkyard citizenship! The fact that they’re willing to let people like Phee and Rosa become citizens of their town says a lot to me. And it’s saying something when I tell you that the most recent addition to the group, Bo, could be considered “normal” when compared to my other companions. I don’t think I’ve told you about Bo yet…for now I’ll just say that his claims of being a good luck charm are not unfounded. I don’t know how any one person can be so lucky, but it’s true.

Just about out of paper, so I’ll wrap this up. Hope you’re doing well, and I’ll check in on Lizzie for you while I’m in Junkyard.


P.S. Don’t ever go to Logan. Just don’t.


Xphile Shaldis

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