Cpt. Ezekiel "Zeek" Salvador, USAF CRO

Operation Damocles Agent


Zeek had a knack for finding folks in trouble and getting them to safety, which served him well as an Air Force Combat Rescue Officer. When he was recruited for Damocles, it was a natural fit for him – he would find a whole world in trouble and bring them back to safety and civilization.

He was not quite prepared to wake up to a howling mutant ripping his cryopod off the wall, nor for the carnage that surrounded the other frozen soldiers inside his Vault. Grabbing the closest gear to hand, he fought his way outside, hotwired a motorcycle from the savages, and headed away, looking for help. The bike broke down as he tried to edge it over the passes leading down from Mt. Timpanogos. Fortunately, he was greeted by an odd sight – a horse-drawn pickup (some sort of Ford) being accompanied by two riders. One was dressed like a medieval knight, with a bright white tabard, big sword, the whole nine-yards – she even had shining armor! The other was some sort of cowboy, complete with 10-gallon hat, a tin-star badge and chaps. The two were bickering like long-time friends, and offered to escort Zeek to safety.
The knight was Betsy Young, a Templar who patrolled the region south and east of Junkyard. The cowboy was Wyatt Eyring, a Law Dog who also worked the same area. On the ride to town, Betsy and Wyatt brought Zeek up-to-speed (well, as best they could), and he shared much of his story. Betsy and Wyatt agreed to introduce him to some folks as might be able to help him reclaim his vault and rescue any survivors.

Cpt. Ezekiel "Zeek" Salvador, USAF CRO

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