The Wasted West

9842 Series Paste Distilling System(tm)

Assembly and Repair

“Ok… What? Oh right. I’m home. My head hurts. Right. Ok… It’s time.”

Bo kneels in front of a large burlap sack. It is still bundled up, as he spent the night cradling it in a fetal position. He opens the long, rough drawstrings.

“Ah. A book. Good. The faintest of ink is better than the most retentive of memory.”

“I really need a drink.”

“Ok. Step one. Locate copper tube 1A.”

Bo empties the sack, and somehow manages not to break any of the many glass vials and jars.

“Ah.. Let’s see. Lots of copper tubes. Which one.”

The Kung-Fu master digs through the piles of tubing.

“This one maybe. Ok. Let’s say it’s this one. A fair decision made quickly may be better than… um… Something. Not important right now.”

“Apply clamp 3C to beaker 12g using clamp… what is that? 9f… I think.”

Bo stares at the pile of parts.

“I need a drink.”

“Ok.. What… Um… A task that challenges the mind… What was it… Something about perseverance. Ok…”

“I have 1A… apply clamp…”

“Oh… I need a drink…”


PHEE!!! HELP!!!”


Xphile Valette

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