The Wasted West

Things Fall Apart

When I signed up for Damocles, I knew things could get bad – the briefings prepared us for radiation exposure, collapse of civilization, starving bands of refugees, that sort of thing. What they didn’t prepare us for is the reality:

The desperation, the degeneration, the loss of that spirit which made us great – the loss of trust in our fellow human beings.

I’ve recruited some folks to help me reclaim the Vault…though they are not exactly shining pillars of virtue. Hera is one of those Knights, like Betsy Young…though considerably less shiny…maybe they give out the armor once a knight is more experienced? Also, she seems a little more cautious than what I thought a knight would be like – actually, almost afraid. This new world seems to breed that fear deep into folks.

Phee is a nightmare wrapped in mechanical bugs – she does some crazy stuff with machines, but is mercenary to her core. I worry that she is as much a threat to the men and material in the Vault as the mutants themselves. On the other hand, her skills have proven handy, and maybe she can restore some of what is broken

As for the others in this team, well, the rumors paint them as very scary.

In some ways, they’re a lot like the weapons I’ve got – not what I would have picked from an armory, but useful as long as I understand their limitations. Probably a lesson here, somewhere, about life in this wasted world.

But for now, we take the tools we were given and make the most of things…and pray that we can build a new, better world out of the madness we have inherited.


Xphile joshuaevanbrown

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